This product reduces soil salinity and excess salts and improves water availability for plants. Salinity is a strong ion exchange efficiency that facilitates the exchange of sodium ions (Na) with calcium ions (Ca), helps improve soil structure, and stimulates sodium elimination.
The usage of Salinity makes it possible to supply plants with calcium and, at the same time, reduces soil salinity and excess salts while improving water availability. This soil-improving agent can help stop or retrieve unsustainable loss of nutrients.
Salinity stress is one of the most damaging abiotic stress factors limiting crop growth, development, and yield. Excessive sodium accumulation (Na+) causes ion toxicity and imbalance, limiting the competitive absorption of some mineral nutrients such as potassium (K+). Salinity affects virtually all aspects of morphology,
physiology, and biochemistry of the plants, thus, resulting in large losses of agricultural production. Higher salt content in the soil limits the ability of plant roots to absorb water and important nutrients. A higher concentration of ions (Na+) in the root causes osmotic stress, reduces water potential, and disturbs the nutritional balance.
Agricultural plants use more calcium than P, Mg, and S but less than N and K. Calcium is needed differently for different agricultural plants.

  • reduces soil salinity and excess salts,
  • soil improving agent,
  • improves water availability,
  • improves nutrient absorption,
  • improves soil structure and stimulates sodium elimination,
  • improves the development of beneficial soil microorganisms.
1000 л
5 л
1 л
Amount % Amount g/l
Water soluble Calcium oxide (CaO) 7,0 80
pH (1:10 H O) 4,0-6,0
Density 20 C, g/ml 1,1-1,2

Recommendation for fertilizing with Salinity: Salinity – do not use together with products containing copper, sulfates, mineral oils, or alkaline products (pH > 8); do not mix with phosphates.
It is recommended to perform a mixing test and spray on a small area before usage to check for phytotoxic effects on the plants or sediment formation.