New-generation liquid complex fertilizers for intensive plant growth. They contain biostimulants and are enriched with macronutrients and micronutrients.

IN1 /NPK 0-21-28 + TE Pro

Complex of micro and macro elements for early development stages

IN2 /NPK 0-42-21 + 2.8MgO + TE

Complex of elements with manganese and increased phosphorus content

IN3 /NPK 4-21-29 + 25SO3

Complex of elements with sulphur for metabilism of nitrogen

IN4 /NPK 0-42-9 + TE

Complex of elements with iron and increased phosphorus content

IN5 /NPK 0-32-0+Zn

Micronutrient fertilizer with phosphorus and zinc for plant vegetation and stimulation of physiological processes

IN6 /N26 ProLong + TE

Nitrogen fertilizer with trace elements for additional foliar application

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Only the highest quality raw materials are used for manufacturing, with ensure the high concentration of fertilizers.
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