Research, development and innovation

Research continuously conducted in IKAR laboratories is a crucial part of fertilizer production processes. The laboratory studies the effects of individual elements, phytohormones, and biostimulants on plants. Plant combinations are studied, the most optimal fertilizer rates are selected, and the best high-quality raw materials are searched.

New formula development

We are constantly researching new formulas for our fertilizers. The main goals is to make them as efficient as possible. There are still so much we can improve and we spending a lot of resources and time just to make that big jump to the next level of fertilization.
New test formula creation
Field fertilization testing
Split testing new formulas
Formula modifications after the results

Active crop growth testing

IKAR constantly conducts fertilizer tests not only in laboratories, but in fields. During field tests, it is possible to see the practical yield potential and how plants respond to produce fertilizers which serve as proof of the quality and efficiency of developed products and their value for plants.
More than 500 tests of new fertilizer formulas are conducted at the factory annually
The result of the tests is more than 50 unique fertilizer formulas
Conduct more than 200 field tests of fertilizers per season
Area of the test fields ranges from 15 to 50 ha