IKAR liquid fertilizers are notable for a clear classification of products, which enables a more accurate selection of effective products from the following IKAR product classes.
Concentrated liquid fertilizers with substances of high biological value that are absorbed efficiently.
Fertilizers with physiological substance - biostimulants which change the morphology of the plant, the rate of developmental stages, the biochemical composition of the plant.
Is a group of modern fertilizers-correctors, for precise correction of nutrient deficiencies during intensive growth.
New-generation liquid complex fertilizers for intensive plant growth enriched with macro and microelements.
Substances that change the physical properties of fertilizers such as dispersion, adhesion, and penetration, as well as evaporation and pH of the solution.
Sustainable green technology products enhance soil properties, boost water and mineral retention, and optimize nutrient absorption for more efficient plant growth.

IKAR - Products Catalogue

Only the highest quality raw materials are used for manufacturing, with ensure the high concentration of fertilizers.
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